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Pharmaceutical Industry:

sdPharma - Current part time Consultant to the Pharmaceutical market on Oral Solid Dosage process development and manufacturing see

FFP-LLC - Owner of Patented FreeFlo Granules™ - The LLC licenses, promotes and enforces the patents use  see

Fluid Air Inc. -Solid Dosage Processing Equipment & Pharmaceutical Contract Services Founder, Entrepreneur, President, and Treasurer: 1984 to 2009

The Fitzpatrick Company - Solid Dosage Processing Equipment Sales Manager, 1978 - 1984

Environmental Industry:

Clow Corporation - Waste Water Treatment and Pumping Systems, Industrial Sales Manager, 1973-1978

Power and Compression Industry:

Cooper Industries - Large Engines, Compressors and Gas Turbines for Chemical, Gas Transmission, Power Generation, Ship Propulsion, Municipal and Federal Government Salesman, 1959-1963 & Industrial & Power Regional Sales Manger, 1963 -1973

Responsibilities and Accomplishments:

General management:

  •  Organizing start-up of Company as a sub S corporation working in basement of home.
  •  Establishing banking relationships.
  •  Obtaining SBA 7A and Illinois Small Growth Corporation SBA 504 loans.  Hiring and training staff of degreed engineers and computer science graduates.
  •  Selecting accounting and ERP software to track financial results and control purchase and assembly of vendor components for company products.
  •  Selecting and interfacing with outside Accountants and Legal team.
  •  Creating and writing Company operating procedures.
  •  Winding down the business through Sale for the Benefit of Creditors precipitated by a cash flow shortage caused by the 2009 recession.


  •  Designing pharmaceutical milling, fluid bed processing, and high shear mixing equipment plus their controls. 
  • Co-inventor of five patents for size reduction mills, batch fluid bed processors & coaters and batch processing control software.
  • Co-inventor and owner of FreeFlo Granules™ - a patented Method for Producing Small Granules for pharmaceutical solid dosage products.
  •  Directing design and construction of 36,000 sq. ft. world class pharmaceutical processing facility for  the assembly of the Company products that also contained pharmaceutical pilot test labs and modified release contract manufacturing suites.  Managing and directing pilot lab testing activities of staff responsible for testing, developing and manufacturing over 650 products.

Sales and Marketing:

  •  Writing and continually updating Company Business Plan.
  •  Raising capital.
  •  Creating brochures and trade show exhibits.
  •  Making technically oriented Sales presentations to perspective customers.
  •  Recruiting and training of Business Development Directors on how to sell the Companies sophisticated technical equipment and contract services to the conservative pharmaceutical marketplace.
  •  Promoting Company image and market awareness through participation in and presentations to industry technical societies.
Areas of Expertise
  • Business Finance & Accounting
  • Business Strategy & Planning
  • Intellectual Property
  • Manufacturing & Product Development
  • Business Operations
  • Sales, Marketing & Public Relations

Industry Experience
  • Construction, Industrials and Utilities
  • Government Contracting
  • Manufacturing & Mining
  • Consulting, Research and Business Services


Cornell University, B.M.E. (5 year degree), l959. Cornell University, Master Equivalent, awarded 1998

Communication Methods

  • In Person