Please Meet Our Mentors

Central Illinois SCORE Mentors
Name Knowledge Industry
Andrea Flairty Business Finance & Accounting, Business Operations, Business Strategy & Planning, Sales, Marketing, Public Relations Homeowner Services/Home Improvement, Retail and Wholesale Trade, Construction, Industrials and Utilities
Lynden Harms Engineering Draftsman, Financial Services Community Banking, Real Estate Management and Construction
Marilyn Greaves Business Management, Accounting Contracting
Axel Jimmenez Business Operations, Finance, Insurance Insurance and Financial Services
James Anderson Legal Services Banking, Financial Services and Insurance 
Quentin Hovland
Business Finance & Accounting 
Business Strategy & Planning 
Manufacturing & Product Development 
Technology & IT Services 
Consulting, Research and Business Services 
Nonprofit, Public and Professional Organizations 
Technology and Web-Based Services 
Don Aleksy
Operations, Strategy, Sales, Marketing and Public Relations
Consulting, Research and Business Services
Reg Bernard Administration
General Management
Computer, information systems
Communications Equipment & Telephone
Computer and Data Processing Services
Computer and Office Equipment 
Lynn Cheeseman Business Finance and Accounting Transportation and Warehousing
Larry Johnson Communications
Business Information Systems
Information Systems
Non-Profit Enterprises
Computer and Data Processing
Business Services
Public Relations
Doug Micklich Computer Information Systems Consulting
Charlotte Talkington Time Management
People Management
Business Plan
Start-up business requirements
Children's clothing business
Owner and manager
College and high school teaching
Vernon Veal Administration
Accounting bookkeeping
Research and development
General Management
Business information Systems
Property Insurance
Insurance Agents
Insurance Brokers
Insurance Services
Jim Williams Marketing, general
Quality systems
Life Insurance
Kenneth Yanzy Human resources, general
Marketing, retail
Human resources, recruitment
Commercial Printing
Paper Products
Art Supplies
Photographic Studios